Technology Center

The technical centre was established in 2005,has the high level of R&D institutions which  is affiliated to the enterprise,is the core of enterprise technology innovation system,is the source of technology progress and technology innovation of the enterprise.insist on the idea of technology create the future,using high quality good pay back to the society,advance with the time,with new technologies,new process,new material to develop marketable products in order to satisfy the requirement of customers.

Technology centre Idea:insist on openness,initiative and creativity,make the marketization and industrialization of scientific and technologicail achievements to develop the enterprise.

Technology aim:to establish the top-ranking valve R&D centre in the world

New product

We are always devoted to developing new products and improving old products, from researching products that meet market demands to product design and process manufacturing design, to adopt series decision for normal production. Research and development of new products is key content of our corporation, and one of our strategy core for survival and development.

After-sale service

“Brands dominate the market, and win customers with good faith”is the business purpose of Yangquan Valve Co., Ltd,but also the longterm purpose of that.Offering the perfect service for Pre-sale,sale,after-sale, Timely solutions to customers difficult.

Of Yangquan Valve Co., Ltd. sales network throughout the country, with more than 30 offices and service outlets, establish and improve the domestic valve industry, large-scale direct sales system and perfect customer service system.


YANGQUAN Valve Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1924, and executed public-private joint management in 1955; until 1944 original Yangquan valve plant restructured with YANGQUAN Valve Co.,Ltd. It is key enterprise for national fixed-point valve production of low pressure and large diameter and important base producing gate valve; the best enterprise, meritorious enterprise and high-tech enterprise in Shanxi, as well as superior enterprise in Yangquan; provincial technology center in Shanxi, one of professional manufacturers for fixed point of large diameter valve; association member of valve industry in China general machinery, quality association director unit in Shanxi and high-tech enterprise.

Yang Valve staff make every effort to walk out a road of develop vigorously, with science and technology as forerunner. In 1985 we took the lead in research and development of city gas valve, and the product was nationally promoted by the former state science commission and mechanical ministry. In 1987 API cast gate valve developed and researched was exported to America, to reach the international advanced level. In 1994 nuclear safety carbon steel gate valve of large diameter and sea-water valve of low nickel-chromium alloy was respectively selected by nuclear power plant of Pakistani and Qinshan. In 1997 hydraulic slow-closing three-eccentric hard seal butterfly valve was successfully developed, and applied in national key project, such as Yanghuang of Ningxia, as national new product of electromechanical integration. Development efforts of new products are straight up nearly three years, and annual new products can reach more than 200. So far, we have developed gate valve, butterfly valve, gas valve, check valve, metallurgy valve and medium-pressure valve and other new products of 2300 specifications, 140 varieties, 13 series. Among them, 58 series filled the state vacant and 10 series has reached the international advanced level. City gas valve is social and technical achievement promoted by national social commission and mechanical ministry. It has “Three-eccentric hard seal butterfly valve” and “Hydraulic slow-closing butterfly valve” with domestic leading level, “Alloy cast iron sea-water valve” designed and manufactured for Qinshan nuclear power plant, “Nuclear safety carbon valve” exported to Pakistani and “API cast iron gate valve, Check valve” exported to America, etc.Valves of Yang brand are salable in 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions over the country, and exported to Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Latin America and other countries, with its famous resounded at home and abroad. Products are widely used in industries of metallurgy, coking, hydroelectricity, chemical engineering, refractory, sewage treatment; and various key projects of Shanghai Baosteel, Taiyuan“Yellow River”, Ningxia“Yanghuang”, Tianjin Gas, Hubei“Three Gorges”; even exported to Russia, America, India, Brazil, Iran and other countries. Products of Yang Valve have been all over the country and went to the world, with high evaluation of customers.“Yang”brand is famous in the country and become a powerful engine for building up a brilliant future.

Technology development idea of our enterprise aims at: “Createthe future with technology, requite the society with competitive products”. In October 2005, provincial-level technology center was founded with Hefei Valve Institute and Taiyuan University of Technology for combining learning with research and production. Technological personnel reached 42, 35 persons for researchers and 7 persons for specialist. We formed technology center as the core, enterprise internal technical resources as backstopping and project as bond, to support multi-level technical innovation system gathering social excellent technical resources. Annual technical innovation projects averagely arrive 10 items, of which maximum diameter is 4850 mm.Currently, our enterprise has gained 18 items of national utility model patent and 2items invention patent.

Our enterprise has been accredited to the approvals of ISO9001 quality control system in 1998, and ISO14001 environmental control system in 2002.

In recent years, we firmly caught product structure transformation; and to improve transition, company has been adhering to the“Capture market with brand, obtain consumers with integrity”business philosophy. Product market can be broadened to win with quality and integrity. To make our enterprise bigger and stronger, we go the way of intensive and scale development, so enterprise image, brand, scale and benefit achieve a higher goal.

We aim at high quality production must be first of all requirement. Our job of each staff is totally for one target-to satisfy customers.

Quality Assurance performs “Three Guarantee”: repair, return, renew.

Offer three satisfactions to customers: satisfied production, satisfied accessories and satisfied service.


Valves can be widely used in every fields, mainly including petroleum, petrochemicals, chemical engineering, metallurgy, power, water conservancy, urban construction, fire fighting, machinery, coal, food and others. (Valve market is famous for users of mechanical and chemical engineering, with high requirement.)In recent market, gate valve, ball valve, stop valve and safety valve are mostly used and popular varieties in the fields of industry, following butterfly valve, control valve, check valve, pressure reducing valve, blowdown valve and stream trap. The difference between gate valve, ball valve, check valve and safety valve with valves of back level is larger, with gross product occupied 63.6 percentage of various valve.

Valve type is mostly used in fields of machinery, metallurgy,petrochemicals, chemical engineering, urban construction; especially in machinery, various valves can be applied.Safety valve is mainly used forchemical engineering; butterfly valve for petrochemicals and metallurgy, diaphragm valve for metallurgy, power and chemical engineering; check valve for metallurgy, chemical engineering and petrochemicals; stop valve for petroleum and chemical engineering; throttle valve for metallurgy, petrochemicals, chemical engineering and power;blowdown valve forpetrochemicals and chemical engineering; ball valve for petroleum, chemical engineering and metallurgy; gate valve for chemical engineering, power and urban construction; and control valve for chemical engineering, metallurgy, power and food.


Gas System

Gas recovery System

Dust removal System

Electricity Water System
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Quality assurance measures

    1, valve pressure test based on GB/T13927 - 2008 "universal valve pressure test" valve pressure test of national standards.

    2, in strict accordance with the ISO9001 and ISO14001 standard requirements for control.

    3, use the material: grey cast iron, nodular cast iron and low chromium alloy resistance to seawater cast iron, cast steel, wear-resistant cast steel, stainless steel, steel plate welding

    4, drive mode: manual, bevel gear transmission, worm gear transmission, pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, electro hydraulic power, intelligent control

    5, all products are accompanied by the use of manual and product qualification certificate.

Capture and grasp the market information at home and abroad, closely around the user the expectations and requirements for product quality, first-class level of quality management, first-class product quality and first-class service quality.

The product quality of the implementation of three bags: Baotui, Baohuan, warranty.

To provide users with three satisfaction: satisfactory products, satisfactory accessories, satisfactory service.

At present, the valve has been established in the national distribution network, service network throughout the country, is worthy of your trusted partner.

Corporate culture

Since establishment, our company have built concept of “Manage enterprise with culture” and “Prosper enterprise with culture”. In orderto further promote the corporate culture and establish a positive corporate image, our company held a series activities to promote enterprise culture, for example: founding house journal of “Popular Science of Yang valve”published a volume each a quarter; building publicity board for enterprise culture of “Business philosophy”, “Quality policy”, “Environmental policy” and “Company values” within the company; carrying out knowledge contest of employee skill; carrying out knowledge contest of safety in the whole company; conducting appraisal of outstanding staff each year; regularly establishing face-to-face dialogue for employees and managers, to establish new employee relations. These activities not only enhance staff sense of belonging, but also promote sustainable and healthy development of corporate cultural construction, to ultimately achieve the purpose of managing enterprise with culture.

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